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User Comments:
1. | Jan 3, 2014
Hey, Adam, don't you think the freshwater alegnrs of SJ would be better served by the State eliminating the trout stocking and focusing instead on enhancing the habitat and numbers of those species more natural to the region, like bass, crappie, and pickeral? Trout (and trout stamps) don't fit in slow-moving, warmer blackwater, except that the State can make a few extra bucks by convincing spring and fall Saturday alegnrs that they're really fishing with fly-rods and nymphs in the fast moving streamwaters of upstate New York.
2. | Jul 6, 2013
Your posting is abletulosy on the point!
3. | Jul 6, 2013
Real brain power on display. Thanks for that awnser!
4. | Jun 16, 2012
JWn8wc opaxfufwuopg
5. | Jun 16, 2012
Interesting grrr at the end of this post! ; ) Use it if it works for you but glad that you could see it serves some puoprse. Following orgs are fun as you do get updates on what they are doing and probably job postings if they tweet it people can be great too because they you'll hear about stuff they are interested in rather than just what a communications office of an org wants you to know. By the way, you have no title for this post big no no for the blogging rubric!