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9. | Aug 24, 2013
We'll have more action feitarung Rudy quite soon We are busy editing the videos from the trip to Germany and we should have it on Staxus by the end of the month!Perhaps I'll post the Behind the Scenes in advance, just to tease you a bit more Cheers!
10. | Aug 21, 2013
Dutch DudeJuly 4, 2012I think I'm starting to doeelvp a crush on Rudy Valentino! I love his smile, nice ass and well shaped dick. He should be paired with Drew Paskin, the twinky guy we saw a couple of days ago in the waiting room scene.
11. | May 7, 2013
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13. | May 3, 2013
that she was traumatized by her panetrs drug use.)The problems here can be divided into 3 areas:1. the wife is upset with her husband's pot smoking.2. there seems to have been NO plan, or thought ( by either of them ) of how to deal with the reality of pot smoking when you have a child. If you are going to engage in this behavior, or really any behavior that goes against dominant discourse you need to have a plan on how to address this. To not do so is irresponsible. 3. The wife is, rightly, concerned about the father's behavior while high around the child.1. First they need to find a way to come to some agreement on smoking pot. There may be room for compromise here or there may not be. Perhaps smoking up less often: only weekends, only weekdays, every other day, etc. Or he may just have to give it up (perhaps except for social occasions) for family harmony, or she may just have to accept it as something he enjoys and that she needs to learn how to accept. The key is they both need to not just tolerate but really accept whatever they agree on. This doesn't mean it can't ever change but the agreement needs to be entered into without the expectation that the other one will eventually change his or her mind. Alternate ways of relaxation so that the mother is not the one who is always the responsible one could be a great idea. Maybe he smokes up Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the three do yoga Tuesday and Thursday or vice-versa. Or they decide to go jogging as a family every day at 530 or he goes alone Maybe he smokes pot and then they all do yoga whatever. What is clear is that if the stress is not just an excuse it needs to be addressed.A child does mean changes and the father needs to accept that. But a child should not be an excuse for shifts in values that may not have anything to do with the well being of the child. 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Make sure you aren't putting her in the situation where she always HAS to be sober. If that is her preference that is fine, but there should be times when she has the freedom not to be sober EVEN if she never has or never would drink, smoke up etc. She needs to not always be living as the designated parent .
14. | Apr 19, 2013
It happened in Odessa (Ukraine) at Sobornaya Square. That builidng is situated at the centre of the city. It was built in 1897. IMHO it was the most beautiful builidng in my city.Russov's house needed restoration but no one wanted to restore it because they don't have money for this .A few days ago City Council decided to give 1 million grivnas for restoration. And 3 days later someone set fire ..